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Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

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ArtyStack's Watercolor Brushes look and feel incredibly realistic, as we have harnessed the full power of Procreate's brush engine!

Forget about repetitive stamp-based watercolor brushes. We have taken the Procreate brush engine to the next level. You can now get beautiful responsive, pressure and tilt sensitive, super realistic brushes. Get unique strokes every time with ArtyStack's Watercolor Bundle. 

"I had never found a way to paint digitally the same way (or emulating the same results) of what you can do with [ArtyStack's] Watercolor Brushes… One of the best brush investments I've made so far." — Leandro Valino

Available Brush Sets

Choose the FULL Bundle to get 250 Watercolor Brushes, or select one of the available Collections.

  • Mini: 10 selected 'smooth grain' textured brushes (6 regular + 4 variegated).
  • Rough: 30 'rough grain' textured brushes (with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance).
  • Cold Pressed 1: 30 'cold pressed' textured brushes (with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance).
  • Cold Pressed 2: 30 alternative 'cold pressed' textured brushes (with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance).
  • Smooth: 30 slightly textured brushes (with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance).
  • Xtras: 10 alternative brushes with splatters, blooms, blending, masking and canvas textures.

The FULL Bundle also offers additional Variegated Brush Sets of Rough, Cold Pressed 1 & 2, and Smooth Collections.

Features & Specs

  • Original High-Resolution brushes. They look great even on print quality canvas!
  • Super Realistic performance. The more pressure you apply, the lighter the pigment and brushstroke edges. The more moisture the brush, the greater the sensitiveness. Just like real watercolor!
  • Pressure Sensitivity. Every brush displays a particular, realistic look by varying the pressure, tilt and speed.
  • Seamless, Clean & Fully Scalable brush grains.
  • Reset brush button enabled to revert brush settings anytime.
  • Make many effects with the same brush. Press to bleed or soften. Tilt to degrade or draw edges... every brush perform in their own way, accordingly to how dry, moist or wet they are (brushes are named accordingly).
  • Variegated brushes included in MINI and FULL Bundles. Select two swatches in your color palette and create colored blends within the same brushstroke.
  • User Guide (PDF) included.
  • Buy once, and get available updates forever!

Make great artworks with great art supplies!

Check Warranty Policies. Conditions apply.

Thanks to Jorge Lobo for product visuals.

Customer Reviews

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Kate x😍x😍

Verified Buyer

4 weeks ago

Way better than other digital watercolors

Wasn't sure about adding another kit to my brush collection, but hadn't found any that simulated the watercolor effect well. Until now! The full kit has so many effect variations, but it's worth every penny!! I got the cheapest option at first, thinking that would be enough, but I loved them and figured the complete collection wouldn't be a waste. Quite the opposite! Sure, I get a bit lost with so many options, but the kit includes a PDF guide where you can understand the differences, finishes, and performance you'll get with each brush. I have my favorites, but the day I want to play, have fun, and create without limits, I'll be able to do that by taking advantage of all the options in the Full bundle. Anyway, didn't mean to ramble so much, just wanted to say... thanks ArtyStack!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Anne 😽

Verified Buyer

7 months ago

These brushes are worth every cent

Amazing brushes… There are a lot of digital watercolor brushes out there, but they rarely capture the real watercolor experience. Many brush sets look good, but you have to smudge or mix and match strokes to achieve the realistic appearance. But you don't have that problem with these sets. What's great is that they're meticulously sorted by texture and humidity, so each brush creates a unique effect! 🤯💖

In the end, I picked my favorites, but you've got an awesome collection, and you won't get bored with these watercolors. You totally deserve my 5⭐ rating!

Regina Phalange 🍿

8 months ago

You've got a huge set and they are one of my top faves!! 💕

Awesome bundle guys!


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Better than expected

I was searching for some watercolor brushes that look and feel natural. I have to say I purchased the Mini bundle just to give them a try (250 brush-pack is a huge bundle and I wasn't sure how they worked, sorry! 😅😅😅 )…

But hey!!! They are way better than expected! No matter what I do, no brush strokes are the same, and that's great! No repetitive brush stamps at all! Even pressure and tilt variations make them look different every time. I really feel I'm painting with a watercolor brush on paper.

I read Andro Valino's quote at the product description and thought he was being condescending… Then I realized he was right 😅😜. Thanks for bringing these awesome supplies to the party!!! 🎉🎨🌟


Verified Buyer

10 months ago


Watercolor art is not easy at all. Personally, I get frustrated when I make mistakes while trying to create something with traditional watercolors. However, what I really like about these digital brushes (and the app of course) is that, apart from being beautiful and practical, they allow me to achieve fascinating effects. And if I decide to change something, I can simply erase and start over.