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Halftone Brushes for Procreate

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Embark on a journey of artistic expression with our Halftone Brushes! Unlock the unique charm of halftone patterns and effortlessly infuse your digital artwork with a touch of vintage elegance.

With just a few brush strokes, you can easily apply charming stylistic vibe to your project. Explore a wide range of patterns, embracing the interplay of both pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive brushes. Unleash your creativity and witness your art flourish in remarkable ways! 

"You can blame ArtyStack… I wanted an excuse to play with their halftones… If you can't already tell, I have become a big fan of their brushes." — Serena Scrim

Available Brush Sets

Choose the FULL Bundle to get all 109 Halftone Brushes, or select one of the available collections.

  • Motifs: 25 hard shading, non-pressure sensitive Halftone Brushes.
  • Basics: 30 pressure sensitive brushes, including Soft, Hard & Gradient shading versions.
  • Extended: 54 alternative pressure sensitive brushes, with Soft, Hard & Gradient shadings.

Features & Specs

  • High-Resolution Halftone Brushes for shading & rendering. They look great even on print quality canvas!
  • Brush Set files (.brushset), for use on Procreate App.
  • Pressure Sensitivity on BASICS & EXTENDED Sets, so you control halftone density on every brushstroke!
  • Seamless, Clean & Fully Scalable Patterns.
  • SoftHard and Gradient brush shapes for every halftone pattern (on BASICS & EXTENDED Sets).
  • 100% original shapes and grains.
  • Major enhancements in Version 2.0: the new Offset Jitter setting is available on Procreate 5, and now every brush is setup to draw correctly aligned patterns by default. 
  • Reset brush button enabled to revert brush settings anytime.
  • User Guide included (PDF).
  • Buy once, and get available updates forever!

Make great artworks with great art supplies!

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Thanks to Jorge Lobo for product visuals.

Customer Reviews

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Liz 🦄

8 months ago


I was searching a halftone brush with linear patterns just like those you're showing on the promo video!! Thanks 💖

You'll Never Know

Verified Buyer

11 months ago

Full bundle is dope

You're definitely gonna wanna try out all the brushes that come in this package. And I think I'm craving for more. It's incredibly addictive to trace lights and shadows with brushes that give you that halftone effect in a single stroke. Oh, and don't forget to experiment with canvas rotation! The brushes take on new angles depending on the canvas orientation. I don't know how they did it... just pure genius, I tell ya!


Verified Buyer

10 months ago

It came at the perfect time

When I saw them in an Instagram ad, they caught my attention because they were exactly what I was looking for to create my illustrations and give them a pop-art touch