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We aim to provide an exceptional collection of brushes, templates and supplies that our talented and tireless fellow digital artists have been longing for.

A creative astronaut illustration, reaching for a brush and a ruler.

About Us

We're a small workshop of seasoned artists with a knack for creating high-quality graphic assets.

Our goal is to provide incredibly useful and impressive resources for busy, nonconformist digital artists. Focus on your masterpieces as we make your creative journey smoother.

How we do it: With lots of time and patience. Not all artists can afford such luxuries, which is why we've dedicated ourselves to working hours and days to achieve the best possible outcome.

A creative astronaut illustration, holding a sign that reads Say No to Ugly Supplies.

It All Started When…

A meticulous illustrator embarked on an obsessive search for the perfect brush for his art. Not finding it, he felt compelled to explore every parameter and effect that the interface granted him access to.

"When I finally felt the stroke of that digital brush I'd just made on the tablet, a thought struck me like lightning: 'Surely there are other artists out there who have yet to discover this brush.' And that's how, suddenly, ArtyStack was born."

— J. Lobo

A creative astronaut illustration, floating in the space, using a digital tablet and surrounded by tools.

More Assets Are Coming

Currently, our product lineup packs a punch with resources designed for Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and more. However, we're hard at work every day to bring you more goodies, including resources for Adobe and Affinity.

With each purchase you make, you help us generate more resources for you. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who support us along the way. Your belief in our work and your continued support mean the world to us. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases and keep an eye out for what's in store!

A creative illustration, with two astronauts high-fiving.

We Are Looking for Talented Creators

Although we have fantasized about the idea, we still believe that we are far from cloning more hands onto our bodies. That's why we don't rule out finding more artists who are willing to help us discover more digital resources that are still missing. Do you want to join the journey?

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