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Have you ever wanted to give your concept art projects a polished and professional look? ArtyStack's Concept Templates are designed to do just that.

A must-have resource for any visual developer, concept artist, character designer, storyboarder, layout artist, videogame artist, CG modeler or background designer. Build stunning presentations with ready-to-use, customizable layouts. 

Available Template Files

Choose the FULL Bundle to get all Master Files, or select one of the available Collections.

  • Photoshop Bundle: 1 Master File for Adobe Photoshop (.PSD).
  • Procreate Bundle: 1 Master File for Procreate (.PROCREATE).
  • Clip Studio Paint Bundle: 1 Master File for Clip Studio Paint (.CLIP).

All versions include:

  • 8 horizontal layouts (PNG).
  • 8 vertical layouts (PNG).
  • User Guide (PDF).

Features & Specs

  • Layout Designs: 8 horizontal and 8 vertical templates —especially made to be used within Master Files— embracing a wide range of layout compositions. You don’t have to spend time creating layouts anymore.
  • Concept Master Files: editable, multi-layered documents (.PSD, .CLIP or .PROCREATE) where you will design your concept art presentation. These files include coloring layers to enhance and customize the canvas appearance, organize images and texts and get a Dark Mode in just a couple of steps.
  • All files are A3-size canvases @ 300 ppi. They are ready for high resolution screen displays and prints.

Make great artworks with great art supplies!

Check Warranty Policies. Conditions apply.

Thanks to Esaú Figueroa & Jorge Lobo for product visuals.

Customer Reviews

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Tim Rodana

9 months ago

I no longer have to waste time organizing my proposals

Thank you, guys! These templates were exactly what I've been searching for for a few years. I needed designs that would assist me in structuring the proposals I present to my clients without investing too much effort or time. I've seen what other concept artists do, and I had the feeling that my art isn't bad at all compared to theirs, but the quality with which they showcase props was far superior. These templates helped me add a very eye-catching and professional touch to the concepts. And it's awesome that I can customize colors quickly as well. I'll definitely be recommending them!

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Verified Buyer

11 months ago

Just what I needed

One thing I absolutely love about these templates is that, no matter what art style I'm using, everything comes together seamlessly, creating a highly professional look. They eliminate all the hassle of setting up files because everything looks incredibly polished. I can simply focus on my art, while the templates handle the rest. I can't recommend them enough! They are a must-have for artists.

Francis R.

8 months ago

Useful layouts

I came across these layouts, and they proved to be quite practical. It wasn't overly easy to grasp how to replace the layout designs. There is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, they truly become valuable templates.