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Misty Forest 1 • Seamless Texture

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This is tileable RGB bitmap file.

Get a versatile texture graphic for matte painting or photobashing techniques, social media graphics, website backgrounds, graphic design, illustrations, merchandising and more.

Image Specs

  • Multipurpose PNG file. Professional-grade quality image. Ready-to-use textured pattern. PNGs are compatible with a wide range of art and design software.
  • Seamless and Tileable. The image seamlessly repeats, allowing for easy tiling and creating larger, continuous designs or backgrounds. Learn how to create patterns using popular software applications.
  • Dimensions: 2500 x 2500 pixels. High resolution for print and screen.
  • Scalability. The image's resolution and tileability allows for easy scaling without sacrificing quality, making it adaptable for various sizes and formats.
  • Boost your Project Workflow. This time-saving resource is perfect for photobashing and matte painting. Blend it with your composition to effortlessly create realistic and detailed renders.
  • Licensed for Personal and Commercial purposes.
  • Go solo or bundle up. This texture is also available within some Texture Bundles. Explore our Graphics Collection.

Make great artworks with great art supplies!

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You will get a PNG (7MB) file

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10 months ago

Nice picture!

Thanks for this useful resource.